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interior checklist

  • Conduct a general visual check of all interior rooms
  • Visually inspect all windows and doors
  • Visually inspect hot water heater, dishwasher, A/C, washing machine, all sinks, toilet bowls and bathtubs for visible leaks
  • Run faucets, showers, baths and flush toilets to check for leaks
  • Check security and function of door locks, dead bolts, alarm systems and exterior lighting
  • Check to be sure refrigerators and freezers are functioning properly
  • Check circuit breaker/fuse panel
  • Reset electric appliances, timers and clocks due to power outage/surge
  • Check thermostat to verify the correct reading
  • Check smoke detectors/CO detectors
  • Check telephone for dial tone
  • Check lighting and alternate lighting in various areas of the home
  • Check/bring mail inside
  • Water indoor plants
  • Check and alternate lighting, blinds, drapes, shutters as requested

outside checklist

  • Walk exterior perimeter of the home to check for signs of vandalism, forced entry, flooding and other obvious damage
  • Inspect screened-in patios for damage
  • Remove flyers, door-hangers, newspapers and general debris
  • Sweep front entry if needed
  • Visually check home entries and exits, such as doors and windows
  • Check outdoor lighting
  • Check all outside faucets
  • Visually inspect hot tubs and pools for obvious leaks and power outages
  • Check for obvious signs of water leaks from exterior sources
  • Bring in/take out garbage cans and recycle bins
  • Start vehicle per owner request
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