what we do

we'll monitor your house
inside & out

Plant Watering

Watering household plants (inside or outside).
$25 per visit

Basic Home Visit - Exterior Only

Basic exterior inspection of house and property. Will collect mail, papers and door hangers, etc. 
Does not include pet care.
$30 per visit

Basic Home Visit - Interior & Exterior

Perfect for the vacationer who wants their home to appear lived in.
We check mail, alternate lights, water plants and other light duties. 
Does not include pet care.
$40 per visit

your home will be in good hands

You can have peace of mind knowing you will find your home as you left it.

  • No burden on neighbors, friends or family members
  • Save energy by monitoring air conditioning
  • Maintain appliance and home fixture function through routine checks
  • Reduce chance of major damage through routine inspections
  • Give your house a lived-in look
  • The security alarm system won't remove the phone books, newspapers or flyers from your front driveway or entrance, but we will!

What to expect

We will communicate with you after each and every visit.  You will always know what is going on at your property (we will provide photo documentation upon request) so you can authorize prompt action to minimize or prevent damage. In the event of damage, Shelby’s Watch will contact the service provider of your choice and arrange repairs.  We will also make contact with the Police Department and file a police report on your behalf should the need arise.

Should an emergency arise, we will do our best to contact you, however, if we are unable, we will use our best judgment to handle it in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way.

Since our services are observation and reporting only, we cannot guarantee the safety or condition of your property. Anything can happen at any time.  However, utilizing our services will increase the chances of detecting a problem before it creates significant damage to your home.  Shelby’s Watch can, however, guarantee the privacy of its clients.  We will keep all information about you and your property strictly confidential.  We will never sell or give any information without your permission.

interior checklist

  • Conduct a general visual check of all interior rooms
  • Visually inspect all windows and doors
  • Visually inspect hot water heater, dishwasher, A/C, washing machine, all sinks, toilet bowls and bathtubs for visible leaks
  • Run faucets, showers, baths and flush toilets to check for leaks
  • Check security and function of door locks, dead bolts, alarm systems and exterior lighting
  • Check to be sure refrigerators and freezers are functioning properly
  • Check circuit breaker/fuse panel
  • Reset electric appliances, timers and clocks due to power outage/surge
  • Check thermostat to verify the correct reading
  • Check smoke detectors/CO detectors
  • Check telephone for dial tone
  • Check lighting and alternate lighting in various areas of the home
  • Check/bring mail inside
  • Water indoor plants
  • Check and alternate lighting, blinds, drapes, shutters as requested

outside checklist

  • Walk exterior perimeter of the home to check for signs of vandalism, forced entry, flooding and other obvious damage
  • Inspect screened-in patios for damage
  • Remove flyers, door-hangers, newspapers and general debris
  • Sweep front entry if needed
  • Visually check home entries and exits, such as doors and windows
  • Check outdoor lighting
  • Check all outside faucets
  • Visually inspect hot tubs and pools for obvious leaks and power outages
  • Check for obvious signs of water leaks from exterior sources
  • Bring in/take out garbage cans and recycle bins
  • Start vehicle per owner request
Contact us if you're interested in setting up a meet-and-greet so we can get to know your pets or your property.
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